Sekani Kayaks | Classic Hand Made Wooden Kayaks Tailored To You
Whether you're a novice or advanced paddler, Sekani team will create you a unique wooden kayak or canoe with your signature & customized to you.
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If you ever find yourself stranded on a deserted island, one of the few indispensable items would be a classic, hand-crafted wooden Sekani kayak. Whether you’re beached on a tropical archipelago or sheltered in a weather-beaten cove, life would never be a bore. Pass the days away simply admiring the refined lines and the beauty of nature, of clear skies or stormy swells reflected across your boat’s sleek hull. And when the fancy takes you, delight in the paddle home.


Like a true Arabian thoroughbred, beauty, strength and agility blend timelessly with performance – only without the jittery temperament. Ultralight, a Sekani kayak has a gentle, finely nuanced handling that ensures an unadulterated rushing thrill as you slip through the water.

Unlike thoroughbreds, our kayaks are tailored precisely to suit your individual requirements. As bespoke crafts, we custom build to your exact specifications and to serve your requisite design needs. Artisan and exclusive, a Sekani kayak ultimately becomes an aesthetic extension of you, whether you’re a novice or more advanced paddler.


Expeditions up river, adventures in camping, trekking the wilderness or quietly cruising, your unique Sekani kayak will carry your signature, indelibly.

About Us

Based in the Algarve, Portugal, Sekani is a family business of kayaking enthusiasts. We apply our 40 years of woodworking, boatbuilding and carpentry expertise to produce exquisitely hand-tooled, luxury wooden crafts. Hand-tooled not only out of respect for traditional methods and the elegant results they produce, but also because noisy machines tend to smother the music we like to listen to while we work.


State-of-the-art designs, careful selection of the choicest wood and other materials are informed by our history of building racing boats, leisure yachts and catamarans. This means we are very versatile and flexible in our approach. Sekani kayaks can be built as super-light, competition-class craft or as extremely rugged vessels for extended trips in exposed conditions.


Each craft is created individually from the finest select-grain red cedar. Using contemporary laminating techniques, we sheathe the wood with fiberglass cloth for both the interior and exterior and protect it with marine-grade varnish that also accents the timber’s warm glow. A Sekani kayak comes complete with tailored accessories, including the seat-sling, seat, rudder, spray skirt, sea sock, pack bag, roof-rack and storage options—all hand-made with love, pride and acute attention to detail. Your unique watercraft will be treasured, generation after generation.


If you’d like to pop into our workshop, give us a call and we’ll tidy up.

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3 Wooden kayaks on special offer

3 wooden Kayaks on special offer

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