Sekani Kayaks | Available
Whether you're a novice or advanced paddler, Sekani team will create you a unique wooden kayak or canoe with your signature & customized to you.
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Mystic River Tandem Canoe

Mystic River Tandem Canoe makes for a beautiful scenic paddle from quiet, narrow stream to busy open water. The Mystic River Tandem is designed to be a comfortable and efficient canoe to see the sights along this lovely waterway..

This canoe is handmade & unique. This canoe is built with 5mm American red cedar. This canoe has been fiberglassed on the inside & on the out side. & has got a marine grade two-component UV varnish,& is 5.2m long and is 86cm wide, and the maximum load is 204kg.& weighs approx 25Kg.

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Razor Billed Auk on Special offer

Razor Billed Auk comes with a custom-made seat, out of minicell foam & covered with 5mm Neoprene, swiveling adjustable footrest, a cockpit cover, two carrying handles, two 4”bulkheads made of minicell foam, two flush hatches, with rare earth magnets, & two custom-made Kayak supports for storage.

Each kayak is handmade & unique. This kayak is built with 5mm American red cedar. This kayak has been equipped with carbon fiber
on the inside & fiberglassed on the out side. This kayak has also been coated with a special protection under the water line. & has got a marine grade two-component UV varnish,& is 5.8m long and is approx 25Kg.

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