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Whether you're a novice or advanced paddler, Sekani team will create you a unique wooden kayak or canoe with your signature & customized to you.
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Nick Schade’s designer/builder


Nick Schade’s boat designs are appreciated and built worldwide. His work has been featured in major magazines, awarded significant prizes, and has found a place in major museums. But most importantly Nick’s boats are at home on the water.


Guillemot Kayaks link

Rob Macks designer/builder


Rob Macks designer/builder
If you love to paddle, these are the ultimate boats for you.
Rob Macks boats are extremely light-weight, and take very little energy to paddle.
They respond quickly and handle unlike any boat you have ever paddled.
Their beauty will move you, even when you are not on the water.


laughingloon link

free sea kayaking online handbook


Kayarchy is a free online handbook of sea kayaking. It’s very big. As a large-format book it would be more than 400 pages. To find your way around, scroll down the section summaries below, use the Index or browse the Full Contents. Before reading, please look at the disclaimer.


Kayarchy free online handbook link