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Whether you're a novice or advanced paddler, Sekani team will create you a unique wooden kayak or canoe with your signature & customized to you.
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10 Foot Little Auk


This little boat is designed for someone wanting a light, easy to handle recreational kayak of distinctive character. Her small size makes her ideal for exploring your favorite lake or harbor and allows for painless transportation on a car roof or on the deck of yacht.

This Little Auk is 3m long & the finished weight is approximately 12,7kg.


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11 Foot Little Auk


The 11 foot long version will track a little straighter and carry a slightly larger paddler than the 10 ft option.
This Little Auk is 3.4m long & the finished weight is approximately 14kg.


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12 Foot Nymph


The 12 Foot Nymph will handle paddlers around 200 lbs, The Nymph will handle a good deal of abuse as long as the users aren’t looking to run whitewater.
The Nymph is 3.7m long & the finished weight is approximately 10.2kg .


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14 Foot Great Auk


This boat is a shortened version of the standard Great Auk. She’s a recreational kayak well suited to sheltered lakes and harbors where you may occasionally encounter moderate winds and modest waves. The relatively short length allows her to maneuver easily in tight streams and estuaries.
The Great Auk is 4.3m long the a finished weight is approximately 16kg.


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Guillemot “S”


Efficient and easily paddled, this simple scaling down of the Guillemot creates a fun and able boat for smaller paddlers. Due to its narrow width, she may be less stable than other boats you’ve experienced but if you’re accustomed to kayaks designed for larger paddlers, you may find Guillemot S has more stability than you really need.
The Guillemot “S” is 4.9m long & the finished weight is approximately 13.30kg.


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Solo micro Bootlegger


This is a roomy boat with a large cockpit – almost what we would call a double paddle canoe with a deck. She’s stable and comfortable with room to move around, yet long and narrow enough to be an efficient boat to paddle from dawn till dusk.
The micro Bootlegger is 4.3m long & the finished weight is approximately 14.90kg.


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William Matthews Kayak


Sekani Kayaks joyned british architect William Matthews to create an elegant and robust wooden kayak made from cedar, weighing less than 10kg.


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